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Hawaii Association of Health Plans

The Hawaii Association of Health Plans

HAHP provides valuable information to Hawaii health care consumers, legislators, and the media, including contact information for HAHP's member organizations and information on current health care issues.


Access: We believe that access to affordable, comprehensive health care gives consumers the value they expect and contributes to the peace of mind that is essential to good health. We support members receiving the right care at the right time and in the right setting.

Choice: We believe health plan members should have a choice within their health plan of providers who meet high standards of professional training and experience. Informed choice and the freedom to change physicians are essential to creating active partnerships between patients and their doctors.

Informed Consumers: We believe that members have a right to information about their health plan and how it works. They also have a right to make suggestions and voice complaints to their health plan.

Patient - Physician Relationship: We believe that quality health care depends upon active partnerships between patients, their families and their physicians. We encourage health care professionals to support shared decision-making by sharing information with patients about their health status and treatment options.

Prevention: We believe that working with people to keep them healthy is as important as making them well. We value prevention as a key component of quality health care.

Quality Health Care: We believe that quality health care is best provided by groups of health care professionals who are willing to be held accountable for the quality of the services they provide and for the satisfaction of their patients. Quality health care is evidenced-based health care.